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Integration courses, professional language courses (DeuFöV)

The integration courses are aimed at foreigners, EU citizens and repatriates who want to learn the German language from scratch or want to expand and consolidate their language skills. Our teachers are licensed to take the B1 German certificate exam.
Our educational institution and our cooperation partner Kolping-Bildungswerk Amberg received approval to run integration courses for migrants after the new immigration law came into force in 2005.

beginningmeasureEndAreaOrtFull or part timeSeats available?
20.03.2023general integration course25.01.2024Integration courseAmbergFull time
17.04.2023general integration course26.02.2024Integration courseAmbergFull time
18.04.2023Integration course with literacy22.05.2024Integration courseAmbergFull time
12.06.2023general integration course17.04.2024Integration courseAmbergPart time (afternoon)
10.07.2023Second handwriting course10.06.2024Integration courseAmbergFull time
28.08.2023General integration course from module 4 (also for repeaters)11.03.2024Integration courseAmbergPart time (afternoon)
18.09.2023Parent integration course24.09.2023Integration courseAmbergFull time
25.09.2023general integration course18.07.2023Integration courseAmbergFull time
23.10.2023general integration course27.06.2024Integration courseAmbergPart time (afternoon)
13.11.2023general integration course18.07.2024Integration courseAuerbachFull time
20.11.2023general integration course19.09.2024Integration courseAmbergFull time
27.11.2023Second handwriting course08.04.2025Integration courseAmbergPart time (afternoon)
01.12.2023general integration course23.08.2024Integration courseAmbergFull time
11.12.2023Evening integration course19.03.2025Integration courseAmbergPart time (evenings)
08.01.2024Literacy course for repeaters14.05.2024Integration courseAmbergFull time
22.01.2024general integration course14.01.2025Integration courseAmbergPart time (afternoon)
05.02.2024general integration course19.09.2024Integration courseAmbergPart time (afternoon)
12.02.2024Repeater courseis transmittedIntegration courseAmbergPart time (afternoon)
19.02.2024Literacy course10.03.2025Integration courseAmbergFull time
22.04.2024general integration courseis transmittedIntegration courseAmbergFull time
22.04.2024Second handwriting courseis transmittedIntegration courseAmbergFull time
24.06.2024Literacy course for repeaters11.12.2024Integration courseAmbergFull time

Our learning system

Three building blocks to learn German

  • teaching methods
    The language of instruction is German. You learn with modern textbooks, additional current materials and in everyday situations. You work alone, in pairs or in groups. We support you individually and prepare you optimally for the exam.

  • Qualified teachers
    All teachers have many years of experience working with people from different countries and cultures. You regularly take part in further training courses and teach using the most modern methods and findings.

  • Performance reviews and exams
    Before the course begins, we determine your language level. Evidence of performance during the course documents your progress. Of course, we also give learning tips and develop individual solutions for learning difficulties. At the end of the course, you will take the German test for immigrants (DTZ) and prove your knowledge with a qualified certificate that is recognized throughout Europe.

Three steps to be successful

  • A placement test and a detailed discussion with a teacher allow us to professionally classify your previous knowledge. We will work with you to find the right course or course section.
  • Evaluation ensures a consistently high quality of the language courses.
  • After completing the course, you can take the German test for immigrants at our educational institution in familiar surroundings.

As a course participant, you can benefit from 26 years of experience with language courses for language students who are learning German as a foreign language. The ISE Language and Vocational Training Center answers some questions about integration courses and the German certificate here:

What you should know

  • An integration course consists of 600 hours of language lessons and 60 hours of orientation course with information about politics, history and social life.
  • An eligibility certificate from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, BAMF for short, the Federal Office of Administration, the Immigration Office or the ARGE entitles you to participate.
  • The cost per lesson (45 minutes) is €3.10. If you are unemployed or have a low income, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees will cover the costs of the course upon application. If you have a certificate of eligibility but are not entitled to a cost exemption from the BAMF, you will have to pay an additional €1.55 per lesson since January 1, 2016. It is also possible to take part in the integration course without a BAMF authorization certificate. In this case, the participation fee per teaching unit is €3.10.
  • Those eligible to participate who have been exempted from the cost contribution will have the necessary travel costs reimbursed under certain conditions if they participate properly.
  • Participation in the final test and a one-time repetition are free of charge. (Exception: self-payers)
  • If you pass the final test at the end of the integration course, the Federal Office will reimburse you 50% of your own contribution upon request. (This regulation does not apply to self-payers).

What documents do I need so that I can apply for funding from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees?

The following documents must be enclosed with the application for admission to an integration course:

For foreigners:

  • Copy of foreign passport with valid residence permit
  • Copy of the German spouse's identity card in the event of joining a German spouse
  • Copy of the foreign passport with a valid residence permit from the foreign spouse in the event of joining a foreign spouse with a permanent residence in Germany
  • Copy of the notification of receipt of social benefits

For EU citizens:

  • Copy of foreign passport
  • Copy of the certificate of freedom of movement
  • Copy of the notification of receipt of social benefits

For German citizens:

  • Copy of the German identity card
  • Copy of the notification of receipt of social benefits

What can a person prove with the German Level B1 certificate?

She is able to understand and participate in a conversation about everyday situations, has mastered essential grammatical structures, can understand everyday texts and present facts in writing and orally.

Can you be exempt from the additional payment?
The participant can apply for exemption from additional payment for an integration course if the family income is low. However, the need or a case of hardship must be proven by documents. For example, prospective unemployed people can prove this by providing a copy of a valid notification of receipt of unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV), receipt of child allowance or receipt of housing benefit.

Can travel costs also be reimbursed?
If need is proven and the participant is exempt from additional payment for the integration course, he or she can apply for reimbursement of travel costs. We will be happy to help you fill out the application.

Can I attend an integration course at ISE and take the certificate exam without funding from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees?
Anyone who does not have admission to an integration course can of course also take part. However, he then has to pay for the course and exam costs himself. Of course, no travel costs can be reimbursed.

What does the test consist of?
At the end of the integration course, knowledge is tested using the “German Test for Immigrants” (DTZ). The written exam tests knowledge of listening, reading and writing. During the oral exam, the aim is to be able to introduce yourself, exchange information via a photo and plan something together. The examinee must also respond to the examiners’ questions.

Where can I register for an integration course or where are the contact points for information, registration and testing?
Interested parties can contact the following contact points:

ISE Sprach- und BerufsbildungszentrumKolping educational organization
Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring-9, 92224 Amberg:
Phone: 09621 78 68 16
Fax: 09621 78 68 18
Office hours:
Monday - Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.,
Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m
Kochkellerstr. 1A, 92224 Amberg:
Tel.: 09621/914569-0
Fax: 09621/916569-301
Office hours:
Monday - Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.,
Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m

When you register, a placement test will be carried out in which your previous knowledge will be tested.

Would you like to register for an integration course?

  • Get the information you need.
  • Of course, personal and detailed advice from us is free and non-binding.
  • And once you've made your decision, we'll be happy to help you fill out all the necessary forms and applications.

How do you find us?

ISE – Language and Vocational Training Center
Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 9, 92224 Amberg
Kolping Education Center
Kochkellerstr. 1a, 92224 Amberg

Class times:

  • Mon - Fri: 8:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m

Here you will receive

Information material for download (flyer with current data):

Where can I find further information about the German certificate on the internet?
Further information can be found atBAMF.

Do you have any further questions about integration courses that you haven't found answers to here?
Contact the ISE and you will receive detailed and individual advice.


Additional information: