“For every person there is a special path.”

Leo N. Tolstoy

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First impressions of the participants in the qualification for nursing and housekeeping

Gerd Altmann / pixelio.de

The participants of the qualification in nursing and housekeeping came to the ISE (05.03.2012) on the first day of the course with their worst fears. Many people had in mind that the course could be very boring and the material could be very dry. In addition, many participants initially feared that they would have to do a lot of homework and that their fellow participants might be conceited, bitchy and unfriendly. They also feared that the teachers would just rattle off the material.

“But then” – as the participants of the qualification could be heard saying – “to our joy and relief we discovered that the topics are really interesting and are illustrated with enough examples, that the teachers and ‘fellow students’ are friendly and helpful and that everyone also has a sense of humor”.

All too often, before the course begins, it becomes clear that some participants approach the course with greater or lesser fears. However, after just a few hours, or at the latest after a few days, possible prejudices are eliminated. Fun and enjoyment in learning, friendly interaction between participants and lecturers make the shared stage of gaining professional qualifications and finding an appropriate job easier.

Teamwork with all its synergy effects is not an effective tool for learning, but creates many new impulses and can be incredibly enriching.

Doris Sieß, lecturer

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