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Retraining to become a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk (IHK)

If you want to make a difference? Merchant for forwarding and logistics services

If you don't want to spend a boring day at work, but want to make sure that something gets done, then a career as a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk is exactly the right thing for you. The job market prospects for those who complete this retraining are also comparatively excellent.

Something for everyone – including you!
Due to the wide range of applications, there is something for almost every personality and taste. Some like to negotiate with customers and prepare contracts, others are on three phones at the same time and dispatch vehicles or goods from the sender to the recipient in a time- and cost-saving manner.
One-sided office work is practically non-existent. It is always necessary to go to the warehouse to check whether loading has been carried out correctly or to check whether surplus goods have been delivered. Variety is guaranteed. From managing a wine warehouse to driving a route for an extra-wide transport, everything is included in the scope of this training occupation.

Areas of activity of forwarding agents
The range of skills of freight forwarding and logistics services merchants is very broad. Possible areas of activity are:
  • warehouse,
  • Foreign business, both export and import,
  • Heavy transport sector and
  • diplomatic intermediary in maritime shipping

to name just a few.

During the training you will acquire a wealth of core skills:
  • Customer service, care
  • Lagerwirtschaft
  • Logistics
  • Forwarding and delivery traffic
  • Tour planning
  • Transport insurance
  • Shipment
  • Customs regulations, customs clearance
  • Invoice
  • Disposition (freight transport)
  • Plan and deploy distribution systems
  • calculation
  • Correspondence and communication in English

Extract of the training content

  • The training company
  • Work organization, information and communication
  • English
  • Process-oriented service creation in forwarding and logistics
  • Forwarding and logistic services
  • Contracts, liability and insurance
  • Marketing
  • Dangerous goods, protection and security
  • Commercial management and control

Entry requirements

In consultation with the Federal Employment Agency, potential course participants must have one Aptitude test at ISE in order to be able to take part in the retraining. Please contact the ISE administration at Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 9 (near the post office) in Amberg (Tel.: 09621/916086-0) for dates for the entrance exam and other entry requirements.

Important information

  • Type of measure: FBW
  • Duration: 2712 teaching units (theory) plus 920 teaching units (internships) plus 424 teaching units (vacation)
  • Term:
    • next course: upon request
  • Training location: Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 9, 92224 Amberg
  • Teaching/examination location: ISE training center, IHK Regensburg, external training centers
  • Funding options: based on personal suitability
  • Number of participants: minimum 10, maximum 20
  • Contact person: Mr. Roland Domogalla, Mr. Richard Kirschner

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