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ISE Sprach- & Berufsbildungszentrum GmbH

Reskilling to become a Certified Specialist in Warehouse Logistics (IHK)

At a glance:

Registration and location:
ISE Sprach- und Berufsbildungszentrum GmbH
Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 9, 92224 Amberg
Phone: 09621 7868-0
E-Mail: info@ise-berufsbildung.de

Duration of measure:
18.09.2023 – 17.09.2025 (24 Monate)
18.03.2024 – 17.03.2026 (24 Monate)
19.09.2024 – 18.09.2026 (24 Monate)

Class times:
Monday - Thursday:
08:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m
08:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m

Financial support: If the personal requirements are met, funding can be provided by the Employment Agency through an educational voucher. Additionally, other entities such as the German Pension Insurance, Bundeswehr, Jobcenter, private insurances, etc., or private individuals may cover the costs of the course.

Number of participants: 14 – 20

Certificate of Participation: The reskilling participants receive an ISE certificate, and upon successful completion of the final examination by the IHK, they will obtain an IHK certificate with a professional qualification.

Contact persons:
Hr. Richard Kirschner, Phone: 09621 7868-14, E-Mail: richard.kirschner@ise-berufsbildung.de
Hr. Roland Domogalla, Phone: 09621 7868-20, E-Mail: roland.domogalla@ise-berufsbildung.de

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