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Speaking in exam situations

Short description:

This training is aimed specifically at pupils, trainees, students and doctoral candidates who need to prepare for an oral examination. The aim is to give participants strategies for dealing with stress and nervousness and to develop their rhetorical skills and abilities so that they are optimally prepared for upcoming exam situations.


  • Basics of communication, especially speaking
  • Controlled speaking – dealing with stress and nervousness
  • Body language and its effect
  • convincing arguments
  • Speech design
  • Keyword concept

Training methods:

  • Lectures and class discussions on theory and practice
  • intensive practical part
    • Body and voice work to prepare mentally and physically for an exam situation
    • a series of lectures designed by the participants on topics relevant to the exam
    • Assessment and video-supported evaluation of the lectures
    • individual feedback from the trainers

Important information:

  • Target group: pupils, trainees, students and doctoral students
    and everyone interested
  • Type of measure: open training
  • Duration: 2 days; Appointments to be agreed upon when placing the order
  • Price on request
  • Class location: ISE training center, Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 9, 92224 Amberg
  • Funding opportunities: none
  • Minimum number of participants: 4 (max. number of participants: 10)
  • Completion: Participation certificate
  • Contact persons: Helmut Albrecht, Peter Blendowski, Caroline Horn

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