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Carers celebrate course completion

On the mountain. (usc) The courses that the federal agency and job centers help to finance are based on the needs of the labor market. An important partner here is the ISE vocational school for geriatric care and geriatric care assistance. Here, 15 participants recently completed a course “Qualification as Caregivers in Nursing Homes” with great success. Even before the end of the course, eleven women had been accepted for employment in old people's and nursing homes in the region.

There is currently a noticeable need for personnel in the nursing professions. People in need of care with dementia-related impairments, mental illnesses or intellectual disabilities usually have a significant general need for supervision and care. The legal regulation is intended to create the financial basis for hiring additional staff in fully inpatient care facilities.

The aim of the course was to determine suitability for a professional activity in this area and to qualify as a carer in nursing homes within the framework of the guidelines in accordance with Section 87b Paragraph 3 SGB XI. The course completion meets the requirements for caring for people with dementia at all levels of care.

For many job seekers, this opens up a new opportunity to find a job that is subject to social security contributions. Since January 1, 2015, additional caregivers have been sought for all levels of care, as ISE managing director Peter Blendowski reported at the certificate award ceremony. He highlighted the very active teaching work and the commitment of the participants during the internships and job search and praised the participants for their good performance. Managing director P. Blendowski also pointed out that the local employment agencies and job centers made optimal use of the existing dormant potential of people willing to work when advising and supporting participants.

Course leader Andrea Gaßner acknowledged at the dismissal ceremony that it had not been easy for some women to reconcile family and coursework. The good grades achieved at the end of the course should be valued all the more highly.

Hubert Uschald