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Super LCCI (IHK London) exam results

At the end of April, the 11 participants in the “Business English with LCCI certification and IT knowledge transfer” course in Amberg were able to receive their certificates from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) - rightly with pride, because all of them achieved either the grade “Pass with Distinction “ or “Pass with Merit”, i.e. grade 1 or 2.The course included 6 months of part-time teaching and a 4-week part-time internship.

Approximately one fifth of the lessons were used to impart IT knowledge (IT basics and Windows® operating system, hardware, data protection and data backup, MS® Word and MS® Excel) as well as application training.

In addition to grammar, editing texts and writing business correspondence, business English lessons also included other practical language applications such as listening and comprehension exercises, developing and presenting dialogues, filling out forms, etc. as well as communication training (negotiations, role plays, conducting telephone conversations, presentations including self-presentation, discussions and conversation).

The participants were also prepared for the LCCI “English for Business” exam. This foreign language certificate is an internationally recognized certificate in business English. The examination tasks are set and corrected by the IHK London (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry - http://www.lccieb-germany.com/). Only educational institutions approved by the London Chamber of Industry and Commerce are allowed to take this exam. As a certified educational provider, the ISE Language and Vocational Training Center has already conducted a number of business English courses and taken exams in the past.

The very good results result from the high level of teaching, which means that participants are efficiently prepared for the exam. The fact that so far all participants without exception have passed the exam - primarily with the dream grade 1 - is clearly evidence of the good quality of teaching.

By using the latest textbooks, English literature and magazines, technical equipment such as projectors, CDs, videos, etc. and internet access, the lessons were once again made varied and interesting. The central location of the ISE teaching facility in Amberg, which is also easy to reach by public transport, was also very welcomed by the participants.

Although the focus was on business English, participants welcomed the opportunity to refresh, deepen, develop and improve grammar, idioms and general English vocabulary. Brief insights into English history, culture, customs and everyday life were also found to be very interesting.

As Peter Blendowski, Managing Director of the ISE Language and Vocational Training Center, explained on the occasion of the certificate presentation, this qualification does not guarantee a job, but it does improve opportunities on the job market, because sound English skills are increasingly needed in business.

So contacted e.g. For example, one participant approached the course leader after the course and thanked the lecturers: “What I learned in the course helps me immensely in my current job at a European level. The English language now has great practical importance for me and has become an essential means of communication. Thank you very much!"

Christa Shafi, course leader for the measure

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