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Morihei Ueshiba

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The be-all and end-all for part-time job seekers

This course prepares participants for a career start and also provides a wide range of knowledge on the topics of the labor market, application training as well as IT and the Internet. In addition, participants increase their professional opportunities and professional skills as part of an internship.
The course is aimed primarily at younger unemployed people who are supported by the employment agency. Both full-time and part-time employees can take part in the measure and will be taught and supervised by our qualified specialist staff. Last but not least, the application documents are kept up to date and professional. Our internal employment agency can help you find internships, jobs and training positions.

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English in business and administration

English is becoming increasingly important at work

Qualified Language competence

Qualified language skills are one of the most important success factors for employees in internationally operating companies. General language skills are very helpful in everyday business life, but technically sound vocabulary and expressive skills in business English are often required. Here it is important to handle telephone calls, emails, letters, presentations, meetings and discussions with confidence.

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Want more joy in life? Advice – support – support

The ISE Language and Vocational Training Center is now offering a coaching measure to compensate for imbalances in individual life situations. A personal coach from ISE will provide you with psychosocial advice, support and support in dealing with personal life situations and other relevant obstacles. Registration – if you belong to the eligible group of people – is initially done via your employment agent or case manager at the job center. In this case you will not incur any costs. In total, the accompanying care can be used for three or six months. You will find that you can get many problems under control through strategic action and competent coaching - this increases motivation and joy in life, and new and perhaps long-awaited goals are now within reach.

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Opportunity for older people

Chance für ÄltereModular measure to impart specialist skills and professional qualifications

Already for the second time (starting on 11.11.2013) The ISE Language and Vocational Training Center is launching the modular measure “Opportunity for Older People” to impart specialist skills and professional qualifications. During the measure, internships and application training increase the chances of starting a career. The ISE team also supports the participants in their job search during the measure.

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IT and Internet training for part-time workers

EDV- und Internettraining
Image source: A. Reinkober / pixelio.de

Improve your computer skills and thereby your chances on the job market! In the programs of this training measure you must be able to act confidently in many professions. Employers require this knowledge. In this course you will learn how to use the most important programs in the MS Office package. The aim of a four-week internship is to orient yourself professionally and find a job. This training measure is specifically tailored to the group of part-time employees.

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ISE – a reliable companion on your way back to working life

Unemployment and receiving unemployment benefit II are often the beginning of an unstoppable downward spiral in a person's life. Many motivated employees are afraid of one day getting caught up in this vicious cycle. But what should you do if it does happen and from one day to the next you are only an insignificant figure in the unemployment statistics.

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Training measure with qualification and intensive support

The ISE language and vocational training center is currently carrying out a training measure with qualification and intensive support for customers of the Amberg-Sulzbach job center in cooperation with the Regional Education Center (RBZ) of the Eckert Schools. The course offers a fairly broad repertoire from application coaching to various IT topics. Technical and social-educational support takes place throughout the entire duration of the measure. It is possible to start the measure on an ongoing basis.

The ISE language and vocational training center and Eckert schools have set themselves the goal of supporting participants in finding jobs and apprenticeships. In the past, the efforts have paid off - several course participants have already been able to take up employment subject to social security contributions.

The ISE also carries out training measures with qualifications and intensive support for customers of the Amberg and Sulzbach-Rosenberg employment agencies.

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Focus on career… – Cooperation with Werkhof non-profit company mbH

Blickpunkt Beruf
Source: Werkhof Regensburg / Focus on Profession

Blickpunkt Berufs is an offer for single women. With this measure, participants can find out what and how they want to work. “Blickpunkt Berufs” plans the path there with you.

“Blickpunkt Berufs” is a very successful career search offering. Since 1994, more than 300 women between the ages of 18 and 40 have successfully taken part. Over half then found permanent employment or accepted a training or retraining position.

The aim of the course is to take up a part-time job, start training or retraining.

As a cooperation partner, the ISE Language and Vocational Training Center is carrying out some module sections of this project - especially in the IT area.

The sponsors of BLICKPUNKT BERUF are:
WERKHOF non-profit company mbH
in cooperation with Werkhof Amberg-Sulzbach non-profit GmbH
a Diakonie company.

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