“The best things in life aren’t the ones you get for money.”

Albert Einstein

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Be there – JoBi.regional on April 11th, 2024

The work and education working group of the Intermunicipal Alliance for Migration and Integration of the city of Amberg and the Amberg-Sulzbach district, together with the alliance of regional education providers, is organizing a job and education fair “JoBi.regional” again in 2024. The event certainly offers a good opportunity to talk to companies and find out about open training or job positions.

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JoBi.regional – another complete success!

The “JoBi.regional” was linked to an open day at the ISE vocational school for nursing. Its director, Ilona Lang (left), made the guests of honor at the school's training bed smile (from left): Manfred Tröppl, managing director of the AM-AS job center, deputy district administrator Stefan Braun, Mayor Michael Cerny and Rainer Liermann, market and integration team leader in the job center AM-AS. Image: H. Uschald

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Tip: It’s best to make a note of JoBi.regional on March 15, 2023 now

For the second time, the work and education working group of the Intermunicipal Alliance for Migration and Integration of the city of Amberg and the Amberg-Sulzbach district is organizing the job and education fair “JoBi.regional” together with the alliance of regional education providers. The trade fair was already a complete success for everyone involved. Well-known companies and institutions were able to have good and targeted discussions with applicants regarding open training and job positions. It didn't take long for the first training and employment contracts to be initiated.

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Qualification in nursing and housekeeping

Counteracting the impending nursing shortage – enormous job opportunities!

Pflegehelfer und hauswirtschaftlicher Helfer/in
Source: S. Hofschlaeger / pixelio.de

Market-oriented thinking implies future-oriented action. Projections and forecasts predict an unprecedented nursing shortage in the coming decades. If one also takes into account the demographic development in Germany, there is an urgent need for action!

As a result, it is urgently necessary to recruit enough qualified helpers in the areas of geriatric care, services and volunteer work for the next 20 - 25 years.

Trained, volunteer helpers should not be in short supply. They will be needed more than ever in the future and may be able to use this route to get into a job subject to social insurance contributions on the primary labor market.

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Retraining to become a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk (IHK)

If you want to make a difference? Merchant for forwarding and logistics services

If you don't want to spend a boring day at work, but want to make sure that something gets done, then a career as a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk is exactly the right thing for you. The job market prospects for those who complete this retraining are also comparatively excellent.

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Education voucher

bgHolders of an education voucher can continue their education free of charge at ISE. Please note the general conditions applicable to education vouchers:

Since January 1, 2003, new legal regulations (First and Second Law for Modern Services on the Labor Market) to promote further vocational training provide that employees can receive an education voucher if they meet the relevant requirements for further training and further education.

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Computer course with ECDL, Linux and network technology

The ICDL/ECDL belongs in every application folder

The ICDL/ECDL (International/European Computer Driving License) is an international certification program that certifies in-depth knowledge and skills in the use of the most important computer applications. It is recognized worldwide as the benchmark for computer literacy and is currently implemented in 148 countries. Governments, international organizations (e.g. UNESCO), schools and universities as well as numerous large companies require or support ICDL/ECDL certification of their employees. They recognize that a uniform and internationally validated educational standard based on practical requirements ensures the quality of the training and is motivating for the participants.

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MS Office in modules with ECDL

The European Computer Driving License ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is a user certificate as proof of comprehensive practical computer knowledge. Large multinational companies (such as ABB, Volvo, Tetra Pak, Siemens, Unilever) and scientific institutions such as the Free University of Berlin have introduced this standard for their employees. The ECDL is now recognized in more than 145 countries. Therefore the name has changed to International Computer Driving License ICDL (International Computer Driving License). Both terms – ECDL and ICDL – are used interchangeably.

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