“Do you want to tread the beaten path or create new paths?”

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Integration course at ISE – unforgettable 6 months

Amberg The ISE language and vocational training center can now look forward to the 35th successful integration course. This German language course with a recognized certificate took place from April 8th, 2013 to November 18th, 2013 in the ISE premises at Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 9 in Amberg. In addition to the good exam results, the ISE Language and Vocational Training Center is pleased with the positive feedback from participants, who confidently recommend the 6-month language course due to the good quality of education and the good atmosphere. Below is some feedback from some participants:

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Focus on work – a successful and wonderful time – thanks to everyone!

The “Focus Career” course (Course 1) took place in this form for the first time from July 2nd, 2012 to April 10th, 2013. During this course, the ISE Language and Vocational Training Center had a wide range of course content available for the participants: from teaching general education, basic and specialist knowledge for the job, key qualifications, communication skills to teaching IT topics. Some participants describe their impressions as follows:

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First impressions of the participants in the qualification for nursing and housekeeping

Gerd Altmann / pixelio.de

The participants of the qualification in nursing and housekeeping came to the ISE (05.03.2012) on the first day of the course with their worst fears. Many people had in mind that the course could be very boring and the material could be very dry. In addition, many participants initially feared that they would have to do a lot of homework and that their fellow participants might be conceited, bitchy and unfriendly. They also feared that the teachers would just rattle off the material.

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ISE – a reliable companion on your way back to working life

Unemployment and receiving unemployment benefit II are often the beginning of an unstoppable downward spiral in a person's life. Many motivated employees are afraid of one day getting caught up in this vicious cycle. But what should you do if it does happen and from one day to the next you are only an insignificant figure in the unemployment statistics.

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Well looked after and made fit at ISE

Both of us (Jessica Wolf and Monika Donhauser) are currently attending a training course with qualifications and intensive support at the ISE Language and Vocational Training Center, which lasts a total of 8 weeks.

The intensive support helps us find a new job. You can always raise personal problems with our lecturers and supervisors. The ISE employees then work hard to find a suitable way to solve the difficulties for us and also help us to find the right contact person at authorities, etc.

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I recommend ISE! – Retraining specialist for warehouse logistics

First of all, I would like to thank our lecturer Richard Kirschner for always having an open ear for everyone and for being extremely patient with the sixteen of us retrainees, who couldn't be more different.

Briefly about me: My name is Apostolos Vougazianos and I took part in the retraining program at the ISE Language and Vocational Training Center to become a warehouse logistics specialist in the period from March 16, 2009 to March 16, 2011. A long two years that flew by.

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Ten friends

I recommend the retraining as “Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services Clerk” at ISE to ten friends because I associate this career change with real prospects (friend 1). Because it will enable me to get a business degree (friend 2). Because I can implement my interest in technology (Friend 3) and combine it with my commercial professional experience (Friend 4).

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I can only recommend this course

Qualification “IT course with computer driving license ECDL”, ISE Sprach- und Berufsbildungszentrum GmbH in Amberg: I ​​have been taking part in this course in Amberg since June 29th, 2009 and it ends on October 29th, 2009. I can only recommend this course to anyone who wants to work intensively with computers. The content of this course goes

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