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Pilot project for the integration of refugees

The area of ​​housekeeping is extensive and diverse. Rainer Liermann (right), employment placement team leader at the job center, was able to observe the instruction at the ironing board, for example. Other women were practicing starching and folding table napkins. Image: H. Uschald

On the mountain. (usc) The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) started a pilot project together with the job center in the ISE language and vocational training center to provide people with a migrant background with a job in the cleaning and housekeeping professions.

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The trade fair offered help for companies and job seekers

Amberg (usc) One side is looking for new employees, the other side is looking for a job or training position. Bringing them together was the aim of the first regional job and education fair (JoBi). Above all, it should make migrants and employers aware of the educational opportunities at ISE, Kolping, Eckert Schools and VAZ. The response was great.

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Opportunity for older people – proper communication and much more!

The “Opportunity for Older People” course was a real enrichment for me. He was very educational and informative. I learned that older people still have a chance on the job market - be it in retirement homes, commercial kitchens, in the catering industry, in warehouse logistics or in other areas. I can say that I never got bored of the lessons. It was carried out with a lot of patience, taking into account each person's educational or professional status and - sometimes also with playful sequences.

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